Friday, September 19, 2008

Random facts about me and what I've learned along the way

Interlude between wellness and training topics a few random facts about me; and being Esquire magazine's 75th anniversary a little about what I've learned along the way

I have way more education then I know what to do with
I can cook a wicked pot of sauce
I'm a vegetarian for the most part; but I do some mean BBQ; and I mean real BBQ
I'm addicted to burgundies; which has resulted some interesting Amex statements
I'm a metrosexual when it comes to hair and body products
I think I've spent more on a pair of cycling shoes then I have on dress shoes
Along the way I've probably spent way to much on cycling clothes as well
I use the word wicked way to much for some one in their late 30's
If you want to get on my good side; mention coffee and oatmeal cookies
My yellow lab Madison has taught me that life is all about the little things
I've learned never to leave my meal unattended around Madison
I recommend a Labrador if you want to go on a diet
If you ask me to take care of your dog I will probably say yes
My humor has been my best friend and worst enemy
If you don't have a sense of not to hang with me
I don't take life seriously
My career is my passion
I think fly fishing is under appreciated
I have shed materialism for minimalism
I have no game...that's right no game
I'm self deprecating....I believe one must be able to laugh at themselves first
I believe good spelling and grammar is a lost art form
I'm an avid Boston Red Sox fan
Up until 2004 I dreaded each and every baseball season
I'm not an expert in foreign policy; but I understand one basic principle; respect your neighbors; they probably wouldn't appreciate you invading their household
I have crashed my mountain bike more then I care to remember; and in some cases I don't
Not sure but I think I did a cyclocross race with a concusion
I have scars that I can't explain; and some in interesting places
I've been humiliated cycling in the Pyrenees by a Spaniard who smoked; while he rode
If you want me to compete in a race all you have to say is "Why are you worried?"
I know that the dirt in Moab tastes very different then the dirt in North Carolina
A GPS is a good thing when Mountain Biking
I figured out the hard way that not all the Golden Stairs were meant to be traversed
I don't recommend testing your new road bike by riding down a set of stairs
There is nothing like taking a full suspension mountain bike down mid-town Manhattan
I understood from a very young age that being the youngest had its advantages
I also learned that having two older sisters results in a continuous stream of ass beatings
Don't ever refer to your father as "Bob"; when his first name is neither Bob or Robert; matter of fact never refer to your father as anything but "dad" or "pop"
I know the difference between pop, soda, and tonic
I believe that the signal light just provides other motorists the opportunity to block you

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