Monday, October 20, 2008

Learning along the way...of a trail

I've mentioned in previous postings that I'm currently training to compete in the Northface 50 mile endurance run in early December. With about a month and 1/2 left; its had its ups and downs literally; with certain training runs having me go up and down the hills of the Marin Headlands along with the steep streets of San Francisco.

The one benefit I do have is easy access to the route that will be run; I live maybe a two miles away from the Marin Headlands and it is a short 20 minute drive to the trails. I've been able to get to know the trails and routes and the nuances to expect come December; except for the one factor how wet will the trails be come December? For those who know the Bay Area; it isn't a surprise that with late Fall and Winter comes the rains; last year I remember it being cold; but not overally wet; this year who knows; but it will bring an added dimension to a few of the spots on the route.

What I have been working on is some routine that balances out endurance, building speed, along with strength; and maybe a day of rest in there as well. My diet has definitely been affected; as I've really cut out all forms of meat and seafood and have been running light on whole grains, vegetables, peanut butter, yogurt, and my main source of protein in coming in some form of a soy product. Mixing it up to keep it at least enjoyable and interesting; I need to something to bring joy after a 22 mile trail run that has left me numb from the shoulders down. Simple things like knowing there is a peanut butter sandwich waiting for me back at my truck brings a smile to the face.

With the run I bring a water bottle; sometimes with a electrolyte supplement; I like HEED; its worked for me when riding. Depending on the length I will pack a couple GU packs as well.

My training routine I've been both running and riding; mostly on the Mountain bike to build endurance on the hills. With the input from my sis; who is an accomplished ultra endurance runner; here is what I've come up with;

Mon - 1/2 stretch, 1 hour core workout, light run/ride 1 hour (late day)
Tue - 45 min - 1 hour fast pace run (under 7 miles); working on my VO2max capacity
Wed - 1 - 2 hours moderate pace (ride/trail run) 12 - 15 miles
Thur - 30 - 45 min easy pace; 7:30 - 8 min mile
Fri - stretch 1/2 hour; 1 hour easy pace ride 8 miles
Sat - Long run; building up from 4 hours to 8 hours; moderate pace; no real distance; more for agility and building capacity on the trail
Sun - short long run; take my Saturday run cut in half; may either be on the pavement or trail. All depends on how the legs feel.

Trying to keep to this schedule; again it depends on how the legs feel and that thing called life that comes up from time to time. Have found a couple good running partners who also ride; so have some encouragement/competition around.

I can say that after a long run nothing feels better then a bag of frozen vegetables on the knees or better yet a dip into cold water. Stretching has become a standard routine first thing in the morning along with after a run/ride; I think as the weather does cool down it will help in avoiding injury.

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