Monday, February 16, 2009

Dog Days of Winter

Are we at that point in winter where much of the country is either in a deep freeze, snowed in, or being poured on. Is it the equivalent to those 100+, humid days of summer when you don't dare more just to stay cool?

Most of us hunker down this time of year; holidays are over, up to are knees at our work, and looking forward to the sunshine of spring. Its also the time when many lose that inspiration to work out, either to cold or wet to make it to the gym, go out for that ride or run, and possibly neglecting our calorie intake.

Motivation comes in many forms; I've mentioned in the past; circling those race dates, keeping a journal of the progress made in training, or taking a new fitness class that jogs that muscle memory and maybe gets things kick started.

As for the nutrition factor; if there is plans to compete this season; you should be in a build phase. Drinking at least 8 - 12 glasses of water a day; the winter can just as dry if not more then the summer; this also curbs the appetite. Maintain a food journal; right now whole foods should comprise the majority of your diet; greens, whole grains, plenty of citrus available in the winter, and water don't forget water. As for gels, bars, and energy drinks, take this time to see what works and taste right for you; time to experiment; better to find out now that something isn't doing it versus at mile 50 of a race.

As for me; work consumes much of my time; I work on devoting at least 30 minutes a day for working on a muscle group; core, upper, legs. I try and keep a realistic schedule, keeping to my goals, spend as much time on the bike either on the road or trainer. My bike time is also broken up into intervals; either hills, sprints, and playing in the mud on my mountain bike.

I'm also testing new components, gear, and shoes; again taking advantage of this time.

Took in stage one of the Tour of California in Santa Rosa; got poured on; didn't envy the riders; rang the cow bell, and talked with a bunch of cycling folks on the races for the year which excited me more.

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